ECOROCA - New technology plastic wood

Outstanding features

ECOROCA is a new-era ecological building material that uses 100% recycled/unused resources. As a new type of wood/plastic composites material (WPC: Wood-Plastic Composites) that combines the superior properties of wood and plastic, they are used in schools, welfare facilities, commercial facilities, households, and other places as deck materials, louver materials, and wall materials.



Texture of Wood
Weather Resistance and Durability
Resistance to Biodeterioration
Easy Maintenance


- High specific strength (tensile strength)
- Beautiful and friendly texture of natural wood


- Excellent formability
- Uniform quality



100% Use of Unused Resources

ECOROCA is a building material made from recycled and unused wood and plastic. In addition to reducing waste and contributing to environmental preservation, this eco-material can be reused as an ECOROCA product by crushing used ECOROCA products. 
From raw material procurement and acceptance inspections to manufacturing process control and shipment inspections of finished products, we make every effort to implement quality control in accordance with our integrated manufacturing line.


Safe materials that are friendly to people and the usage environment

High-quality materials 

ECOROCA achieves a soft wood texture with a wood mixture ratio of 51-55%, and is an optimal material for exterior, public landscape and interior materials.

Safe for small children

Unlike ordinary building wood, ECOROCA is free of splinters or burrs, so it will not damage the skin or clothes. It is safe to use even at homes with small children or pets.

Quality stability

ECOROCA is resistant and durable to termites and decaying fungi, so it can be used comfortably for a long period of time with an aesthetic appearance. It also dries quickly and hygienic.


High heat-shielding and ultraviolet-resistant properties

Incessant UV rays, etc. degrade the surfaces of all materials and are one of the causes of shortening the life of building exteriors. To address this problem, ECOROCA decks feature two-layer materials on their surfaces, improving degradation characteristics.
In addition to further improving its UV resistance, DK-2020, a two-layer structural deck material, features a function that suppresses surface temperature rise during summer. Depending on environmental conditions, it has an effect of suppressing temperature rise of about 5°C to 10°C (*In-house comparison with our own products) and can be applied to office buildings, commercial facilities, and rooftop greening of hospital facilities.


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