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Our company inherits traditional European iron technology, and manufactures iron gates, fences, side grids, balcony railings and stairs for interior and exterior in the construction industry. From traditional designs to simple and sophisticated modern designs, we have designers in Japan and abroad, and we also accept original designs at the request of our customers.

Rotiron is a handmade product with texture blending into natural landscape without the feeling of incompatibility, rich expression and deep feeling, beautiful curves and unique molding beauty. However, because it is an iron material, it also has aspects of rust and stiffness and is difficult to install.

Therefore, we have tried to solve the problem of rust and heaviness while maintaining the structure of Rohto iron. Aluminum is known as a light, rust-free metal, but it is a very difficult technology to create the texture of an iron as it is a metal with a completely different personality from iron. However, by repeating the research and test production, we finally finished the Aluminum Rohto Aluminum product made of an aluminum material that is similar in texture to Roto Iron. Aluminum Roto, created through technological innovation, is a production method with many different capabilities. Based on this aluminum funnel, we are developing products in various fields.


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We have a headquarters and our own factory in Osaka and our own factory is 9600 tsubo (construction area) in China. Rohto Iron and Rohto Aluminum products are manufactured at one of the largest factories in the industry. Although it is a handmade product, we have built a system that can cope with cost reduction and mass production. In terms of quality, engineers from Japan and Europe have been stationed for a long time to provide technical guidance and quality testing. The factory is ISO 9001 certified.

With the theme of creating a comfortable space, Komatsu Bussan will try to unify sales, design, design and technology.



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