German Ceramic Facade Tonality - Modern Space Exterior Material


Among the finishing materials, ceramics is the Green Material with aesthetics, high altitude, fire resistance and quick and easy construction. German Ceramic Facade Tonality ceramics meet European and global standards for quality and development, environment friendly.


Natural ceramics - Design flexibility

Tonality Ceramics Facade is a well-ventilated façade with an impressive design that helps to minimize building energy loss and heat at a very competitive price. In the urban landscape, the Tonality façade also receives a lot of attention for its natural and impressive appearance.


Tonality's KERALIS® manufacturing technology allows the creation of corrugated, grooved, and curved panels that meet all design requirements of architects and developers.

Outstandingly sturdy lightweight material

An ambitious design often comes with questions about the viability and economics of the project. Addressing this problem, German Ceramic Facade Tonality developed the KERALIS® technology, compressing clay under high pressure and heated at a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius. This process allows a low-weight Tonality panel, ranging from 28-35. kg/m² and has outstanding durability. These characteristics have a positive effect on the static engineering properties and save material for the substructure, as well as does not affect the construction structure and shorten the transport and installation time.

Tonality ceramic cladding is compressed under high pressure and calcined at 1,200 degrees Celsius.

Simple and flexible installation


There are 2 construction methods of Tonality, Adaptive System (ADS) and Base Clinch Rail System (BAS). "Both of these measures provide fast, simple installation speed and easy dismantling if needed" - said Wolfgang Häußler, Sales & Market Development at Tonality. “This means that there is no need to follow a specific order for installation. The individual panels that will be installed into the system correspond to high stability, light weight and exact dimensions. Another great advantage of the Tonality ceramic facades is the concealed sound system, creating a flawless, elegantly flawless facade.


The method of installing Tonality ceramic facade allows architects and investors to be more creative than ever with the unique curving designs!

Color fastness and UV resistant

The long lasting color fastness and protection of users from harmful sunlight and graffiti resistance give Tonality ceramic facades an attractive appearance, consistent quality and maintenance-free for long periods of time. Tonality ceramics are very resistant to scratches, impact resistance, and force resistance. In terms of fire safety, Tonality is rated A1 according to EN 13501-1, ensuring the safety of yourself and your family.



School design Forfatterhuset uses Lam Square to both protect the sun and ensure the privacy of the school and create an impressive design in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.


TONALITY® – Green Ceramic Facade

Tonality GmbH is a premium facades brand in Germany that specializes in eco-friendly natural facade ceramics with our factory located in Westerwald - Home to the largest and best quality clay mines in Europe. Clay is taken from the clay pits in the vicinity, combined with Europe's leading high-end technology to create high-grade ceramic facades while protecting the surrounding environment.

Tonality's manufacturing plant in Westerwald, Germany.



HIASHI - Official Distributor of Tonality Ceramic Facade in Vietnam


 HIASHI Joint Stock Company was established in February 2016, is a company specializing in the distribution of imported construction materials and construction - finishing works, with its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City.


Responding to the market demand for finishing Green Materials with high aesthetic value and timeless, HIASHI Joint Stock Company specializes in distributing high-class construction materials from Europe, especially Facade Tonality Ceramics imported genuine from Germany.

With a staff of enthusiastic and dedicated, we will always support consulting materials and answer your questions in the process of designing, constructing and installing Tonality Ceramics.

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