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Perforated fiber cement panels - Swisspearl Green Material


Perforated fiber cement panels are leading exterior materials in the building construction market. With outstanding quality, weatherproof, fireproof and waterproof characteristics, Swisspearl Fiber Cement is the ideal exterior material used for the building.



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CNC cutting Fiber Cement Panel imported from Europe

Swisspearl Fiber Cement is a modern Green Material that is safe for user, cause no harm to the environment and does not contain toxic asbestos . Swisspearl is made of cement, water, air, cellulose fiber and reinforced fiber, possessing many advantages such as super light, super durable, flame retardant, termite resistant and extremely weather resistant.


Computerized Numerically Controlled technology can cut metal in any curve. Unlike traditional metal cutting machines that can only cut fixed cuts, CNC machines can process many complex shapes and details but still ensure almost absolute precision.

Swisspearl fiber cement panel can be perforated or cut through according to customer requirements
After the cutting, extra cutting remains are removed with a sponge and the fibers are burned off and cleaned. Finally, the edges are water-proofed.
Common drill hole diameters are 6 or 8 mm for interior applications and a minimum of 20mm for facades exterior applications for ease of cleaning.

Advantages of Swisspearl Fiber Cement

The biggest advantage of Swisspearl fiber cement sheet is its flexibility. With more than 90 different colors and sizes, Swisspearl meets all design and installation requirements quickly without any additional processing. You can easily combine Swisspearl sheet with other materials such as wood, stone, aluminum and glass to create a unique building!


Unlike many other manufacturers, Swisspearl doesn't limit your designs! You can ask for a new color-coded crafting, or CNC laser-cut panels according to your own design. There are no limits to the architects' imaginations and the complexity of their creations.


Project: Triangeln Station, Sweden

Façade material: SWISSPEARL CARAT Onyx 7090 triangle perforated


However, the manufacturers of Swisspearl also recommend that cutting holes should not exceed 20% of the total surface area of the panel and that the spacing between the holes is at least twice their diameter. To get the best design, please contact us right away at Hotline 093.792.8065 to turn your design into reality with Swisspearl Fiber Cement sheet!


Perforated fiber cement panels applications

Currently, perforated fiber cement panels can be used in unique and sophisticated interior and exterior cladding designs, giving an impressive appearance to the building space. The basic punching types can be mentioned as: round hole punching, triangle hole punching, square hole punching, ...

Here are a few perforated facade applications using Swisspearl fiber cement sheets:


Project: Parsonage Parish Church of the Celestial Queen, Hungary
Façade material: SWISSPEARL CARAT Onyx 7090 round perforated


Sketch of Parsonage Parish Church of the Celestial Queen, Hungary


Project:School Ulica Žarka Dolinara, Croatia
Façade material: SWISSPEARL CARAT Carat Black Opal 7020 HR perforated
Project: Tagus Gás Office, Portugal
Façade material: SWISSPEARL CARAT Onyx 7099 round perforated
Project: Tagus Gás Office, Portugal
Façade material: SWISSPEARL CARAT Onyx 7099 round perforated


Where to buy CNC cutting, perforated fiber cement panels?

Founded in 2016, HIASHI Joint Stock Company is located in HoChiMinh City, specialized in distributing Imported Building Materials for facade cladding. Swisspearl Fiber Cement Panel is importing directly from Switzerland, is the ideal solution for facade, wall cladding and roof cladding.


For product details and price quote, please contact:

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