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HIASHI | Pullman Phu Quoc Project

Pullman Phu Quoc Hotel - A high-class resort project currently being finished by HIASHI's engineers in the final stages.


Located in Bai Sao, Phu Quoc, Pullman Phu Quoc Resort - Hotel is a 5 * standard resort contracted by Milton Group. The owner of Pullman Phu Quoc project has trusted HIASHI Company to work on outdoor wood construction items.


Outdoor wooden louver in water park area

hiashi pullman 1

HIASHI is a subcontractor for outdoor louvers in the water park area.

hiashi pullman 2
Outdoor wood louver distributed by HIASHI have many outstanding advantages such as fireproofing, mold-resistance , great weather-resistance, no warping and anti-termite.
hiashi pullman 3
Close-up of outdoor wooden louvers in Pullman Phu Quoc Hotel - Resort.
hiashi pullman 4
hiashi pullman 6
Specifically, the outdoor wooden louvers are easy to install, loger life expectancy than natural wood, with a warranty up to 5 years.

Outdoor wooden louvers in ABCD Block area

Outdoor wood louvers distributed by HIASHI are high-class outdoor plastic wood composite (WPC) products, which are very popular among architects and investors in the construction items of sun shading, pergola , fences ...
hiashi pullman 7
Wooden louvers in block A.
hiashi pullman 8
Wooden louvers in block A.
Wooden louvers in block B.
hiashi pullman 10
Wooden louvers in block B.


Premium outdoor decking brings out luxurious feeling, with great durability and waterproof, suitable for all outdoor spaces. Outdoor wooden floors distributed by HIASHI are good valued, varied in sizes and colors, suitable for all the unique design requirements of the architect and the investor.

Premium outdoor wooden floors for pool decking.

HIASHI Joint Stock Company is one of the prestigious contractors specializing in the distribution and construction of premium wooden louvres and outdoor wooden floors.

Established in February 2016, HIASHI Co., Ltd specializes in distributing and executing all kinds of interior - exterior construction materials and facades of Villa projects, centers, resorts, buildings, office::

- Swisspearl Fiber Cement Panels - Imported from Switzerland

- FunderMax Laminate HPL - Imported from Austria

- REBO Bamboo Outdoor Products - Imported from China

- Hosung Plastic Wood Composite - Imported from China


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In Vietnam, HIASHI is the official distributor and contractor of REBO Bamboo Outdoor Decking. Contact Hotline ☎️ (+84) 93 792 8065 for detailed information!



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