The Ortstockhaus is located on the Braunwald Alp, a mountain terrace in the Glarus region surrounded by an imposing mountain panorama. Since the summer of 2016, the building, which is protected as a historic monument, has boasted a new look. It offers hikers and day-trippers accommodations, food and refreshments as well as views over the many peaks and ridges.


The “Berggasthaus”, built by Hans Leuzinger 1931 overlooking the Braunwald region, is situated on a sun-bathed terrace. Its curved design reflects the chain of mountains behind it and offers a gesture of welcome from the Ortstock (a mountain in the Glarus region of Switzerland). The architect included a curved design, wide projecting pitched roof and a façade with equal-sized panels to given the building its characteristic look.


©Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

The windows with their shutters – sliding shutters on the ground floor and folding shutters above – and the slightly protruding window ledges form horizontal lines. On all sides, the timber framing has large, fiber cement panels dyed through with black. Leuzinger created the manageable size of the panels by dividing the manufactured dimensions into quarters.

©Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

Following a change in ownership, the long-awaited renovations began in 2016. The architects strove to restore the original construction as much as possible while at the same time upgrading the facility for continued used as an inn. Over the course of just four months in the summer, the original building components were restored, subsequent alterations were dismantled, missing older components were reconstructed and new plumbing and technical systems, including a kitchen and washrooms, were installed.

©Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

Recreating the original color scheme was a key aspect of the restoration. The black paneling, white window frames and red shutters, roof beams and support columns of the entranceway together form a classic modern contrast of colors. The Swisspearl development laboratory attempted to recreate the color of the original panels. The result was less than satisfactory, however, as the former fiber look was missing. Hence the final choice for anthracite-colored Avera AV 020 panels: these most closely matched the original look. Coincidentally – and fortuitously – the Ravenna red of the wooden elements matched the color of the Avera AV 030 panel. Consequently, panels of this color were used for the infills on the sliding shutters.

©Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

Project: Ortstockhaus, Switzerland

Place: Braunwaldalp, Glarus, Schweiz

Architects: Hans Leuzinger, Glarus/Zürich

Renovations: Althammer Hochuli Architekten, Zürich, and Steiger Architekten, Baden

Photos: Jürg Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland

Orginal Article: http://blog.swisspearl.com/2018/12/12/ortstockhaus-switzerland/

Building Materials:

Swisspearl Fiber Cement Panels Avera AV020, AV030

Swisspearl-Avera-AV020    swisspearl-avera-av030


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