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Woods in Outdoor Decoration

Woods in outdoor housing decoration has long been favored because of its natural, cozy, luxurious and noble beauty. Besides common indoor wooden flooring, outdoor decking, wall cladding, decorative sunshade louver have been available on the market.



Currently, the wood flooring market has 2 main types: natural wood and industrial wood / wood plastic composite (WPC). Both types of wood have their own advantages and disadvantages, meeting the needs of customers.


1. Natural wood

Natural wood is extracted directly from perennial trees, favored in interior design for its rustic beauty and natural color. Natural wood has a variety of sizes, can be easily drilled and cut according to the homeowner's requirements. The rarer types of wood, the more durable and the more luxurious colors they are.

However, the disadvantage of natural wood is high water absorption. Natural wood must undergo chemical impregnation, coating thoroughly to prevent molds and termite. You need to check the safety indicators when handling natural wood so as not to affect the health of family members. Furthermore, natural wood is getting rarer and rarer. Excessive exploitation of natural timber will lead to the risk of deforestation, floods, and air pollution ...

Currently, HIASHI is officially distributing BOLE natural wood flooring, imported from Estonia, the first manufacturer in the world to make natural curved wood flooring, exploiting according to the development of trees. From there, it is possible to exploit the maximum amount of wood from one trunk, allowing more wood floors to be produced per forest than with traditional flooring designs.


BOLE is the first manufacturer in the world to make natural curved wood flooring. For product catalogue, refer to:


2. Wood Plastic Composite - Industrial wood

When forest deforestation has become a global challenge, wood-plastic composite - industrial wood was created to replace natural wood. WPC is manufactured from wood chips and plastic fibers mixture under high pressure and high temperature. Compare to natural wood, WPC has greater waterproof and fireproof ability, has more sizes and colors, and more environmentally-friendly due to the reuse of wood chips and PE pellets.

WPC is an outdoor cladding material that is extremely suitable for Vietnam's climate, completely able to withstand the summer weather in the North without being expanded or warped. Plastic wood has a variety of applications, from outdoors to indoors: wall cladding, ceilings, partitions, swimming pool floors, fencing, flower pergola...

The biggest weakness of wood-plastic composite is there are very few types of wpc have the same texture as natural wood. However, Hosung Outdoor Plastic Wood distributed by HIASHI has the Feeling Woods product line, which recreates the true beauty of natural wood. Hosung wood has diverse designs and sizes, meeting European quality standards CE, SGS, ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004.


Hosung outdoor plastic wood has 3 main product lines: decking, wall cladding and decorative louvers. Refer to product catalogue at:


Feeling Woods is a popular outdoor plastic wood flooring product in the outdoor wood market. With a 30,000 square meter factory in Anhui, China, the annual output of Hosung Wood is up to 10,000 tons, passed European export standards, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, CE, SGS and Intertek certification.


3. Natural bamboo - REBO

In addition to two common types of wood flooring, REBO natural bamboo is another choice for wooden cladding. In Vietnam, HIASHI is an official distributor of REBO bamboo for outdoor and indoor wooden cladding. For more information about the product, please contact Hotline 093.792.8065.

REBO bamboo flooring is made from crushed and pressed bamboo fibers according to European CE standards. REBO bamboo flooring is harder than oak and has greater stability. REBO bamboo wood is treated to completely eliminate the risk of mold, termites, therefore safe for users and the environment.

REBO bamboo flooring has 7 basic colors and 4 surface types with many different sizes, meeting all design requirements!
For indoor products, REBO also has horizontal bamboo planks, tilted bamboo planks and bamboo fiber planks. For more information, you can see at:


Moreover, REBO bamboo flooring is covered with WOCA oil paint imported from Denmark, significantly increasing the longevity and color of outdoor and indoor bamboo flooring.

WOCA oil protects REBO bamboo from moisture and color fading.



In Vietnam, HIASHI is the official distributor of BOLE Natural Curved Floor, Hosung Wood Plastic Composite and REBO Natural Bamboo. Contact Hotline (+84) 93 792 8065 or Fanpage HIASHI for further information!


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